Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Building a Dynamic All Weather Portfolio

Most investors seek a SAFE, INFLATION RESISTENT investment which will provide a GOOD RETURN with OPPORTUNITY for CAPITAL GAINS, and can be LIQUIDATED quickly if necessary. The problem is - "no such animal exists". However, by combining different investment vehicles, and utilizing a modular approach, we can construct a portfolio that will balance these features according to your personal needs and objectives and manage it as personal circumstances change or market conditions warrant.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

THE MW/AMPM - System

A More Robust Invesment Process.

If you look to the sidebar at the right you will see:
  1. The Basic Risks of Investing
  2. Attribution Analysis ( Sources of Return)
  3. The Costs of Investing
  4. Investment Tradeoffs

We analyze each of these components as we construct and manage your portfolio.

The MODULES are designed to perform on their own individually. Collectively they work together to balance risk and return and create the ALPHA MATRIX Portfolio Management -System, where the whole works together to become greater than the sum of the parts. Therein lies the ALPHA of the MATRIX.

The Benefits of a Modular Approach May Include:

  1. A potential improvement in the risk/reward profile of clients' portfolios by fully (and intelligently) utilizing all of the tools available to today's investor
  2. A way to clearly articulate how the advisor adds value in building and maintaining client portfolios
  3. The flexibility to design portfolios using mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investment vehicles and individual securities
  4. The ability to accommodate an advisor's proprietary insights as well as the client's own biases

"Modular Portfolio Construction provides an adaptable framework for building customized client portfolios with the potential for greater returns and lower risk. It also provides an open platform for evaluating the role of differentiated products within a diversified portfolio. In other words, it provides the opportunity to move "beyond the style box".

The MW/AMPM System consists of four ELEMENTS and five MODULES:


  1. FIXED INCOME / Cash & Equiv.
  2. REAL RETURN Strategies
  5. OPPORTUNISTIC/Special Situations

How we build and manage each Portfolio is a function of client preferences. This requires a collaborative approach and is highly customized and personalized.